Who is Elijah Warren?
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Who is Elijah Warren?



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The Warren Files Trilogy

Book One: A Solitary Awakening

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Elijah Warren’s world has always been one haunted by murderers. His personal life is non-existent, though it's not like he's noticed. Work consumes him, and he's buried himself in the FBI's exhaustive demands. There's no time for romance with killers to track—that is, until the beautiful and erudite Aurelia Blanc enters his life, along with the so-called "Poetic Murderer."

The Poetic Murderer makes murder an art form, each crime scene an exhibit. To catch him, Elijah and Aurelia must decipher cryptic poems and study imaginative death scenes. They traverse the United States, into the uncharted past of a killer most twisted, whose brutal violence evokes not only empathy for the victims, but an interest in the killer himself.

In time, what these detectives discover about both themselves and the Poetic Murderer will change their lives forever. First, they must understand him. Then, they must stop him, but will a romantic liaison make the killings more pesonal? If Elijah and Aurelia don't stay focused, one could end up dead at the hand of a Poetic Murderer.
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Book Two: Crooked Principles

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Elijah Warren was a workaholic for the FBI, but during his hunt for the vicious “Poetic Murderer,” he fell in love with Aurelia Blanc—a beautiful and erudite forensic pathologist—and they barely escaped with their lives. They’ve since left the FBI for slower days and a mountain cabin, but a desperate call from remote Alaska leaves them not a choice.

Grizzly is a town of less than a hundred people, and for twelve straight years one of them has been killed. No one talks about the murders, like long- ignored secrets. In fact, it seems no one talks at all. But there’s a sick change in the pattern of death, and a mournful mother wants answers after her five- year-old son is stabbed and bludgeoned to death.

Something is very wrong in the diffident town of Grizzly, and stranded by the winter, Elijah and Aurelia face the killer daily, with paranoia as real as the icy air of Alaska. This is nothing like they’ve faced before.
Whose dark past will reveal Grizzly's secrets?
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Book Three: Truth's Illusion

In the final installment of The Warren Files, Elijah and Aurelia get caught up in a story they felt was far behind them.  An unexpected phone call has again thrown their world into turmoil.  They must leave home, travel abroad, and solve a case nearly a century in the making.  If political scandal, international mercenaries and financial corruption weren't enough, a killer reminiscent of the Poetic Murderer has emerged and is capturing the attention of the United States, as well as Elijah and Aurelia.  It's their final test, and there's more than ever to lose.
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